General info

If you need additional cash and/or you want to refinance your current obligations, Halkbank a.d. Beograd offers you a dinar loan with a variable interest rate and maturity up to 100 months, no down payment and with a fast and simple approval procedure. Loans can be approved to retail clients that receive or will transfer regular salaries to a current account at Halkbank a.d. Beograd.


Loans are disbursed:

  • With lower interest rate and lower monthly annuity at the beginning of the repayment period
  • On maturity up to 100 months
  • With the absence of the risk of a change in exchange rate during the repayment period


ElementsWith salary transfer in Halkbank
AmountDepending on the borrower’s creditworthiness.
Maximum amount: 2.000.000,00 RSD
Loan currencyRSD
MaturityUp to 100 months
Deposit/Down paymentNo deposit/down payment
Nominal interest rate (p.a.)5,00% fixed, first 12 months
5,00% + 6m BELIBOR, after first 12 months
Front-end fee1,00-1,50%
RepaymentIn equal monthly annuities
CollateralDepending on the degree of indebtedness of the borrower

Representative example

ElementsWith salary transfer in Halkbank
Amount500.000,00 RSD
Down payment0,00 RSD
NIR (p.a.)5,00% fixed, first 12 months
5,00% + 6m BELIBOR*, after first 12 months
Maturity (no.of months)60
Monthly annuity9.410,20 RSD first 12 months
9.954,54 RSD after first 12 months
Front-end fee5.000,00 RSD
Total amount to be repaid590.740,13 RSD
Other costs246,00 RSD Credit bureau
50,00 RSD Promissory note
CollateralPromissory note
*value of 6m Belibor: 3,06%                           
Calculated as on 20.08.2018.

Q & A

What minimum term of service is necessary as a condition for filing a loan request?

  • Total term of service of the applicant must be minimum 6 months, with minimum three months with the latest employer