COSME loans

The COSME program aims to support the operation of SMEs and facilitate easier access to finance with the basic collateral / pledge on the funding subject.

On the basis of the Agreement signed by the Bank with the European Investment Fund (EIF), from 29.11.2017. COSME loans are presented:

- working capital loans with a maturity of 25-42 months, in RSD or with a F/X, with basic collateral and COSME guarantee;
- investment loans with a maturity of 61-84 months with mandatory downpayment of minimum 10%, with basic collateral, pledge on the subject of financing and COSME guarantee;

An important feature of the new products is that each loan placed under the COSME program will be covered by an EIF guarantee in the amount of 50% of the loan.

The maximum loan amount is EUR 150,000 or RSD 17,980,000.