Current Account Packages


Please choose and open Payment account with basic services or one of the Current Account Packages:

  1. Standard
  2. Silver
  3. Gold

With a simple procedure, you can open a Current Account Package at any branch of HALKBANK. a.d. Belgrade.


With a current account opened, you acquire right to use E-Banking / M-Banking, standing order for settlement of your monthly obligations, payment cards, and with regular monthly payment of salary/pension you have right to use overdraft and cheques.

Current account packages are tailored to the needs of our clients.

The Standard Current Account package includes:

  1. Dinar account
  2. DinaCard debit card
  3. SMS card alarm
  4. SMS info
  5. Standing order
  6. Checks

The Silver Current Account package (in addition to the Standard package) includes:

  1. Visa debit card with the possibility of payment abroad
  2. E banking
  3. M banking

The Gold Current Account package (in addition to the Silver package) includes:

  1. MasterCard Gold debuts with the possibility of payment abroad
  2. Assistance along the way
  3. Travel insurance for all immediate family members. Insurance is valid throughout the territory of Europe, including the entire territory of Turkey and Russia.
  4. Call Center personalized approach

Terms and conditions

The monthly fee for keeping an active payment account / Current Account pPackage is:

  • No fee for a Payment account with basic services
  • Standard package RSD 195 (fixed)
  • Silver package RSD 295 (fixed)
  • Gold package RSD 495 (fixed)


What documents are required for opening the account?

To open a current account, you need to submit a completed Request for Current Account Opening and your ID document.

Does the Bank charge the fee for maintenance of the account / services in the month in which there is no activity in the account?

The fee is charged if minimum one activity is recorded in the account in a particular month.

What is Current account with basic services?

Current account with basic services is account used for payment transactions in dinars.