For purchase of new vehicles


Halkbank a.d. Beograd provides you with the possibility to purchase a new car by using a car loan with an index clause and maturity of up to 84 months. You only need to choose a vehicle and visit any branch of Halkbank with a proforma invoice of an authorized car dealer.


Car loans of Halkbank are disbursed:

  • With no annual loan administration fee
  • With no disbursement fee
  • With maturity of up to 84 months

Terms and conditions

In dinars                                                       With currency clause

Loan amount

                      Depending on the borrower's creditworthiness

Loan currency

Dinar loan                                        Dinar loan indexed in EUR


                                          Up to 84 months                                           

Down payment

Minimum 10,00% of proforma invoice / invoice amount   or   Minimum 30,00% of proforma invoice / invoice amount with currency clause

Nominal interest rate (fixed p.a.)

10,70%, first 12 months; 10,70% + 6m BELIBOR, after 12 months (RSD)  or  3,70% + 6m EURIBOR with currency clause     

Front-end fee

                                         1,50% in a lump sum

Repayment method

                                        Equal monthly annuities


 Promissory note, CASCO insurance policy assigned in favour of the Bank, Pledge on vehicle

Representative example

Representative example Credit with clause
Invoice amount
13.000,00 EUR
Down payment (30%) 3.900,00 EUR
Loan amount 9.100,00 EUR
Nominal interest rate (p.a.) 3,70% + 6m Euribor**
Repayment period (monthly) 84
Monthly annuity 121,76 EUR
Total amount to be repaid
10.241,44 EUR
Front-end fee (1,50%) 136,50 EUR
Other costs

246,00 RSD - Credit bureau

50,00 RSD - Promissory note

30.177,00 RSD - CASCO insurance

2.000,00 RSD - Pledge on vehicle

Promissory note, CASCO insurance policy in favour of the Bank, Pledge on vehicle
EIR (p.a.) 4,83%

**Value of 6m EURIBOR: -0,278%                                                                  

Calculation on date: 13.02.2018.

Credit calculator

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Loan parameters:

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* Maximum repayment period is 360 months

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In which way are loans for the purchase of new vehicles disbursed?

Loans are disbursed by payment of funds to the current account of the service provider.

What is EURIBOR and how is it determined?

EURIBOR (Euro Interbank Offered Rate) is a reference rate established at the European interbank market. It is a daily average rate on which prime European banks lend uninsured funds to one another.