Mobile banking is a fantastic service that provides the Bank to be with you at all times. Mobile banking enables you to use banking services with no limitations and also saves you considerable time and money.

Advantages of Mobile banking over classic operations are the following:

  • lower transaction costs (lower fees than payment operations on the Bank’s counters)
  • safe and secure payment operations
  • time saving
  • carrying out transactions over your mobile telephone wherever you are, you just need internet access
  • permanent insight into balance and turnover of your account
  • service 24 hours a day, seven days per week

Halkbank Mobile banking service provides you the following:

  • dinar payments into any account;
  • transfer within your own accounts;
  • exchange operations within own fx and dinar accounts;
  • control of your account balance, account turnover of dinar and fx accounts;
  • control of your account balance and turnover of credit cards;

To use Mobile banking you need a mobile telephone with internet access with one of the following operating systems:

  • Android (minimum version 2.3.3. or newer version)
  • iOS (minimum version 6.1 or newer version)