E-Banking is the simplest form of financial operations. E-Banking enables you to use banking services with no limitations and at the same time make significant savings of time and money.

Advantages of E-Banking over ordinary business:

  • reduced transaction costs (lower fees than in payment operations over the Bank’s counter)
  • safe and secure payment operations
  • time saving
  • possibility to carry out transactions from any device with internet browser and access to interent
  • insight into the balance and turnover of your account any time
  • 24 hours a day service, seven days in a week

Using E-Banking service provides you the following:

  • dinar payments to any account;
  • transfer within your own accounts
  • settling liabilities under credit cards
  • exchange operations within your own fx and dinar accounts
  • control of account balance, account turnover and printing of statements of dinar and fx account
  • control of account balance and turnover of credit cards
  • overview of cheque float etc.

To access E-Banking, please select the option E-Banking on the home page of Halkbank website www.halkbank.rs or go directly to https://secureweb.24x7.rs/Halkbank/Retail/LoginModule/LoginUP.aspx