Halkbank SmartHALK eBank - Enjoy the magic of technology!

SmartHALK eBank is an ideal solution for individuals, who expect their banking products and services to always be at hand. The sophisticated SmartHALK eBank application is finally here to safely enable you to do banking without visiting the Bank. We are constantly upgrading our new SmartHALK platform with new services that value your time and enhance your experience with the Bank.

SmartHALK eBank application provides you the ability to:

  • Review of the term savings account and all details of the savings conditions
  • Review of the loan account and all details of the loan conditions
  • Insight into the balance and turnover of all accounts, primary accounts and accounts to which you are authorized
  • International payment orders
  • Payment and transfer of funds from account to account
  • Foreign currency purchase and sale
  • Finding the nearest ATM or branch of the Bank
  • Create templates for faster and easier future payments
  • Review of the product catalog offered by the Bank
  • Communications with the Bank via the Virtual mailbox
  • Manage your personal profile, change your Username, Password, PIN and other settings

In order to access new applications in an easy and fast way, we have prepared detailed instructions for you. Depending on whether you are an existing user or a new user, choose the appropriate guide.

  • For existing users migrating to the SmartHALK platform, download HERE
  • Instructions for new users who have never used Halkbank electronic banking, download HERE