Investment loans for small companies

Halkbank participates in State programme for Investment loans for small companies in 2018 in cooperation with Ministry of economy and Development Agency of Serbia

Programee scope is co-financing of procurement of production equipment :

  • New production equpiment and/or machinery
  • Equipment for transport or manipulation incorporated in production process
  • New parts, etc.

Financial structure of programme:

  • 25% of net vale of equipment – Government co-financing (from RSD 500.000 – to RSD 5.000.000); This amount is grant to companies;
  • 5% down payment of the company;
  • 70% Halkbank loan;

Maximum net value of investment is RSD 20.000.000. Higher investment amounts may be financed by increase in down payment of the client and/or increse of bank’s loan amount.


Main collateral is pledge on purchased equipment.

Right to apply for programme have micro and small companies, entrepreneurs and cooperatives.

Financial assets shall not be utilized for : payment of VAT, costs related to procurement of equpment (customs, transport, shipping, etc.), costs related to bank loans, refinancing of loans related to existing equipment, and other costs that are not alined with programme purpose.