Loan facilites in cooperation with European Investment Bank (EIB)


In cooperation with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the National Bank of Serbia (NBS), we enable:

  • to SMEs as Midcaps, investments in projects whose costs are in the amount up to 25,000,000.00 EUR including the Western Balkans Youth Initiative
  • to clients of any size (except for SMEs and Midcaps)  investment in priority projects


  • Maximum amount up to 12.500.000,00 EUR

Interest rate consists of:

  • Variable interest rate consisting of EURIBOR + EIB’s margin
  • NBS fee 0,25% ; i.e. 0,175%  for projects supporting employment of young people
  • Margin for intermediary Bank 2.5%; i.e. 1.75% for projects supporting employment of young people


  • Up to 12 (twelve) years for projects of SME companies as well as mid-market capitalization companies
  • Up to 15 (fifteen) years for for priority projects
  • Minimum maturity – 2 years
  • Grace period depending on the type of project that is being funded


  • Purchase, renovation or expansion of tangible property, except land;
  • Purchasing of patents and licenses needed for the technical implementation of the Project;
  • Investments in intangible assets, i.e.:
    • development, planning and financing of costs in the construction phase of tangible assets;
    • the research and development expenses (fees, development costs and gross salaries directly related to research, development and components of job innovation);
    • construction of distribution networks on the domestic market (acquisition of assets and / or trademarks, operating costs labor costs)
  • Construction of distribution networks on the domestic market (acquisition of property and / or trademark, operating costs and labor costs).
  • Change of generation (for example, withdrawal of the previous owner) or transfer of the company in terms of employees, with the continuity of the company's economic activity. The scope of funding is limited to cases where the buyer and the person who sells are qualified enterprises , and up to the EUR 1 million amount of a transaction.
  • Medium and long-term working capital requirements, reflected in the payment of raw materials and other production assets.

Participation of the European Investment Bank

European Investment Bank, financial institution of the European Union was established in 1958 by the Rome agreement, participates equally with local financial institutions in financing investment programs that are part of the goals of the European Union.

Provided that this loan meets all the eligibility criteria for financing by the European Investment Bank, the Intermediate Bank grants to the beneficiary of this loan a financial advantage reflected at the interest rate, under the conditions determined in the respective articles of the Intermediate Financial Agreement.

This benefit is 50 (fifty) base points - 80 (eighty) base points in the case of assignment for projects "Western Balkans Jobs for Youth" compared to an annual interest rate that an intermediary bank would charge for this loan without EIB