RSD loan with 100% deposit


Halkbank offers the possibility of providing cash loans with 100% deposit and with fast and simple approval procedures. You need only ID card with the loan request.


Loans are approved:

  • With fixed monthly instalment in dinars
  • With no annual loan administration fee
  • With no loan disbursement fee

Terms and conditions


In the amount of deposit placed

Loan currency

941 - RSD

Repayment term

Equal to the term period, not longer than 83 months.


100% of the loan amount

Nominal interest rate (fixed p.a.)


Front-end fee

0,50% - 0.70% in a lump sum

Repayment method

Equal monthly annuities


Deposit, 100% of the loan amount

Promissory note of the borrower

Representative example


500.000 RSD

Repayment term

60 months


941 - RSD

Nominal interest rate (fixed p.a.)


Front-end fee (0,50%-0,70%)

3.500,00 RSD (0,70% in a lump sum)

Monthly annuity

9.083,58 RSD


Deposit 100% of the loan amount, promissory note of the borrower

Other costs 

246,00 RSD – Credit Bureau

50,00 RSD – promissory note

Total amount for repayment

545.674,96 RSD

Effective interest rate

Effective interest rate cannot be presented because of a relatively large deposit amount which serves as collateral for the loan

Calculated as on 18.05.2017.

Credit calculator

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Loan parameters:

* All fields are mandatory

* Maximum repayment period is 360 months

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Is it a condition that the applicant must be permanently employed?

Permanent employment is not a condition for applying for this loan.