Terms and conditions

Major characteristics

Downloading application

From Google Play and AppStore platform

Activation and usage

Activation by entering Username and Password from the SmartHALK eBank application. Prerequisite is an active SmartHALK eBank application.On the basis of 16-digit activation code e-mailed by the Bank, and then on the basis of PIN code made by the user at first registration

Software and hardware requirements

Mobile telephone with operating system:

Android (minimum version 6.0 or newer version)iOS (minimum version 10 or newer version)
Internet access from the mobile telephone

Time for execution of payment operation orders

In accordance with Term Plan and General Operating Conditions

Service sale

Application for service

In Halkbank a.d. Beograd branches

User support

Contact center on 011-2041-900 or 0800-100-111

Maximum time required for activation

3 business days from request submission

Usage costs


Free of charge

Payment operations and service maintenance costs

In accordance with the Bank’s Tarif of Fees