Visa Business Card


Issuing the card

Visa Business card is issued at the request of legal entity / entrepreneur.

Request-application, as well as other necessary documentation, may be taken over at any business unit of the Bank.

On the basis of assessment of the client’s creditworthiness, a decision is made to approve or reject a request for issuing Visa Business card.

The number of card holders within one business entity is unlimited, and the decision on which employees will be provided the card will be made by the manager of the legal entity.

The expiry period of Visa Business card is 12 months.

Conditions for obtaining and usage of Visa Business card:

  • Concluded Contract on Issuing and Usage of Visa Business Card
  • Depositing two blank promissory notes with „no protest“ clause and two authorisations for filling in and using the promissory note
  • Relevant number of authorisations in accordance with the Law on Payment Operations
  • Authorisation for disposal of dinar and foreign currency funds in the accounts held by the Bank.

Rules and Conditions for Issuing and Usage of Visa Business Card

Card usage

Card usage is linked to dinar and foreign currency current accounts of legal entities / entrepreneurs – only to the accounts used in regular operations.

The card is international and can be used for:

  • Payment of goods and services at all points of sales in the country and abroad with the VISA sign, up to the amount of the approved frame loan – general limit
  • Taking cash at counters and ATMs

Dinar current account will be debited for costs arising from the card usage in the country, wile the foreign exchange account will be debited for costs made by the usage of the card abroad.

In case there is no sufficient coverage in the foreign exchange account, the Bank will debit the card holder’s dinar account on the basis of the card holder’s authorisation as on the date when the transaction amount is debited and form the required amount of foreign currency at the Bank’s sale foreign exchange rate increased by the fee.

Using the card on the Internet

Card holders can carry out unlimited transactions on the Internet up to the amount of EUR 10,00. For payments of amounts exceeding EUR 10,00 it is necessary to contact call center free of charge and announce the usage of card on the Internet.

Free call center numbers are 011/3040-905 i 011/3040-906 and they are available 24/7.

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Download Tariff of Fees for Operations with Visa Business Cards

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